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On 04/11/2012 04:36 PM, Joel Rees wrote:
He says you've misinterpreted him, which is another communication sin
(in that it doesn't lead to communication) that we are all sometimes
prone to.

As I wrote before, I wasn't personally offended by it, but I've seen enough people on this list recently being (what I consider) unreasonably thin-skinned that I was fairly sure that somebody was going to find it offensive. I also know full well that if the OP was, in fact, trying to be insulting he wouldn't care when I pointed it out, but if it was accidental my comment might be all that was needed to avoid further incidents.

And, yes, in this case, the question wasn't F17 specific, just phrased that way and in any event, I don't mind the occasional question of that nature although I rarely if ever have anything to contribute to such discussions. The whole point of my post, in fact, was to point out that we're getting more questions about the next Fedora release than we usually do and to wonder why. Any thoughts about that?
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