Re: Very happy with F17 Beta RC3 but no chkfontpath, needed to install MSFT webfonts...

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On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 15:36, Michael Cronenworth <mike@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Personal attacks are unwarranted.

In mailing lists and in life, I am blunt. Some like it, some do not.
Do as you see fit.

I don´t consider "congratulations, list police!" a personal attack,
but rather a reflection on how over-enforcing mailing list "rules"
makes newcomers less inclined to participate, perhaps if I had used
sarcasm you´d have perceived less "offensive"?. I´m asking a honest

Also I found the attitude of self-appointed "guardians of the list
code" like you a bit puzzling. I didn´t resort to name calling or
insulting anyone.

I´d suggest you take some herbal relaxing tea and re-read my ast two
threads so you,and the rest of the Jury, can conclude if I asked a
honest question about F17 beta without knowing the existance of the
testers list in the first place, and then submited a howto for the
benefit of everyone that will be moving to F17 soon, or if I came here
as a troublemaker.

If the general concensus is that my behaviour is despicable and I
should be submitted to death by stonning by an angry mob of list
police, so be it. :-)

I think I´m acting in good faith. And by the way, the paragraph above
is sarcasm, not to be taken literally but with a big GRIN and smiley

Like I said, I will try to keep low and limit further questions if the
list is so solemn and reactive towards criticism..

During times of Universal Deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act
Durante épocas de Engaño Universal, decir la verdad se convierte en un
Acto Revolucionario
- George Orwell
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