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On 4/7/2012 6:03 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 07.04.2012 23:41, schrieb Sam Sharpe:
>> Fascinating as these headers are, lets look back at the headers
>> of the message Fernando replied to and you called him out for bad
>> etiquette:
>> To: Fedora List <fedora-list@xxxxxxxxxx> Reply-To:
>> phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Community support for Fedora users
>> <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Do you acknowledge that those headers, when replying might cause
>> you to send your reply to three addresses?
> no
> this would only mean reply to "phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" and not 
> additionally to two other addressess
> but as MULTIPLE explained:
> is is in the responsible of the HUMAN who press "send" to verify
> that the RCPT is what he want and not act blindly
> what you also stil do not realize is that my topic change was not
> because ONE single message, it was caused by get way too much
> useless copies all over the time
>> This is you I presume: 
> yes
>> This is me:
> and now?
>> Given that one of us is a senior engineer for a rather large
>> managed hosting company and probably spends 50% of his time
>> dealing with mail issues for thousands of customers and the other
>> one is you, precisely what is your grounds for calling me
>> ignorant of mail issues? Actually don't answer that, I probably
>> don't care what you think as it will probably be a long message
>> about how I am wrong.
> who do you think you are?
> i try to prevent get personal now but let's said one thing
> my expierience in the last years is that as larger the copmany and
> as more titles a person has the real knowledge is directly the
> opposite
> so no, you can not impress me with any reference and the fact that 
> you stil do not understand why "reply all" is idiotic (to say it
> clear) shows that you are one more of the "big but failing"
> is it really so hard to understand that my intention was to educate
> people that "reply all" in context of mailing-lists is ALWAYS wrong
> and taht the fact that i get TWO messages twice from Fernando which
> was no direct reply to me was the reason to say "now it is
> enough"?
> if you still think "reply all" is the correct method to reply ona
> mailing-list please do not reply any more and leave me fuck in
> peace because you are a perfect example for "learning resistent"
> and i have really better things to do as explain such people again
> and again basics

Honest to goodness people!

There are some people that will never let the truth, the facts, or
reality interfere with what they have been told to believe.


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