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Am 08.04.2012 00:47, schrieb Sam Sharpe:
> On 7 April 2012 23:36, Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Am 08.04.2012 00:28, schrieb Sam Sharpe:
>>> All I want is for you to agree that you were wrong to make that
>>> initial personal accusation and to get on with you life, stop name
>>> dropping Wietse and grow up, you are 34 years old, so start acting it.
>>> I only dropped my credentials in there because you called me ignorant
>>> by implication, but apparently I'm now ignorant because I work for a
>>> big company, even though if you checked you'd see we aren't failing.
>>> Ho hum. Good luck with your career.
>> "initial personal accusation"????
> Yes, in this thread you named one particular user in your first
> (initial) message. Do you need me to quote it for you?

no, it was a (exetremly) example for blindly press "send"

>> why do you think i changed the subject?
>> why do you think i changed the subject to a generic one?
> I checked back, I don't see you apologising on the thread before you
> changed the subject. Could you point that out for me, just for the
> record?

i really do not have to apologize for anything by
try to educate people not making the same mistakes
now and in the future

>> do you not realize that my change of the subject was to generic
>> show by a specific eample in the form of some headers
>> what is going wrong?
> Do you not realise that message threading is via Message-ID,
> In-Reply-To and References headers and not via the Subject? Changing
> the subject has little relevance to how mail clients thread the
> messages. But then I'm guessing you're going to say that's wrong too.

do you not realize taht you personally do not interest me
in any way - some users have understood what i trid to say

so may have not - but the will even not if you paint
them a picture - so hwat exactly is your danmed problem?

use your mail-client in a proper way or if you do not do not
cry that nobody have told you how to do it - not more and not
less and now leave me personally fuck in peace

unbelieveable how every single technical fact is growing to
a really large thread by some idiots who research every single
word of every post while too stupid to understand the context

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