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On 04/07/2012 03:56 PM, jdow wrote:
On 2012/04/07 08:39, Bob Goodwin - Zuni, Virginia, USA wrote:
How can I measure system transit time in this satellite system.
I don't need great precision, just a rough idea of the time from
here to the satellite, back down to the earth station/gateway,
destination, and return.

I used to look at ntpq when I wanted a clue but that is
apparently not available for F-16/64?

I installed "latencytop" but I don't see how to use it for this

If it is TCP/IP all the way and you are speaking of two distinct end
points, you can get a fairly good idea by using "mtr system2" from
system1. You'll also see the delays at each hop as well. It's only
an indication. But it's better than nothing.

       This looks like it might do but I'm afraid I don't understand
       the man page, what am I doing wrong?

       [bobg@box7 ~]$ mtr system2 --address
       Failed to resolve host: Name or service not known

       I just picked that address 'cause it came to mind.




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