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Am 07.04.2012 21:08, schrieb Bruno Wolff III:
> On Sat, Apr 07, 2012 at 21:04:38 +0200,
>   Reindl Harald <h.reindl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> well, reply is enough to act correct
>> each list-message has a "Reply-To"-header
> No each list doesn't have that. Many Fedora lists do. 

so what, we are speaking about this list and possible
excuses which are not valid for this list

> Doing this (lists munging reply-to headers) is also a bad idea, as it breaks 
> the reply to sender function.

ok, you are really learning resistent
and yes, this is a polite statement

set reply-to headers is for people who are unable for
"reply-to-list" by their bad mail-program or ignorance

the normal mail-flow in a list is send and reply only
to the list, if you really want to reply off-list
for whatever reason you should be able to copy
the address manually or not use email at all

really: now this thread reaches for me the point of
personal anger and frustration because it is a mix
of ignorance and stupid argumentation for one of
the simplest things in the world namely press "reply"
instead "reply all" which is only suiteable in offlist
communictaion where many people are involved but at least
unacceptable as standard-actions on mailing-lists

please: subscribe to postfix list and press 3 times
"reply all" and after that report what answers you get

compared with this i am really polite because there
are usually advanced mail-users and mailserver admins
with ZERO understanding for argumentations like yours

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