Accessing Logged in Users Account over VNC

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Not sure if this is possible, have tried it and I dont seem to get what I was expecting.

Basically I have installed tigervnc on fedora 15 and it works, it lets me connect do what I wanted to do and then can disconnect, but what I was wondering is if I am logged in already as the user I have setup in the /etc/sysconfig/vncservers before I connect is it at all possible to see that currently logged in users desktop instead of a different new one ?

i.e. I may have left something on it that I wanted to see and I may not be at home for arguments sake so could possibly vnc into the box from a remote location and see the screen as if I was there and continue on from where I was, instead of getting a blank desktop and having to remember what I was looking at.

The main reason for me wanting to do this is cause I mainly use it as a server, and therefore it doesn't have a mouse/keyboard attached to it and I very in frequently need them, but it is also plugged into my TV, and I was wanting to play a youtube stream on the box and watch it on my TV.

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