Re: Install failure on Sun Blade 100

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On Tuesday, February 01, 2011 07:11:28 am Matthias Runge wrote:
> Sadly, anaconda kicked out of life during hard disk partition process.
> Is there a known limitation, when a sun partition scheme exists?

The best use of the serial console install is to start up a VNC remote install, then you have the GUI on another box via VNC.

In either case you want the partitioning to be the default; my experience is that the current install (as of F12-beta) won't work otherwise.  Take the defaults, and customize after firstboot, including packages and such.

And do read the archives of this list; Dennis and Spot have both posted about recommendations for the install.

I have a Blade 100 here, but haven't fired it up yet, as I need to find a DIMM for it (I have a Birdsnest-Lite motherboard I could swipe the DIMM from, though).  I've done a Blade 1000 and an Enterprise 6500 install of F12-beta-sparc from the DVD, and in both cases I used the VNC install method.  And in both cases I took the default partitioning.

Dennis or Spot can of course feel free to correct me on that.
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