Serial console terminal type.

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Ok, this has been something that has aggravated me for the longest, and finally 
I've decided to see what can be done about it.

I've googled all over for this information, and haven't found it yet.

There's lots of information on setting up a serial console, but little to no 
information about the terminal type needed for a serial console to properly 
show the anaconda interface, even in rescue mode, or when setting up the ip 
addressing for vnc installation.

In my case, I'm using minicom set to VT102 mode from a default fedora 
'konsole' (F12, konsole 2.4.2, KDE 4.4.2), and I've just getting a little 
tired of the 'reverse video question marks' interspersed in the line drawing 
characters, which makes it very difficult to use the interface.

I know, just an annoyance, but if it's just a command line parameter (and I 
don't find anything at or 
to tell me anything; I've booted with 'linux rescue serial headless' and the 
display is the same as without those options) I'll be glad to add that to the 
boot line and keep on trucking.

Or if it's a minicom setting, or simply using a different terminal emulator, to 
get reasonable display.....
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