Re: Supported hardware for F12-Beta

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On May 3, 2010, at 4:34 PM, Tom spot Callaway wrote:
> Nice to hear from you Lamar!

Well, thanks!

> I know Dennis has several other systems that he wants to test on.
> Perhaps a test matrix on the wiki would be useful?

I would think so; including what kind of framebuffers, disk hba's, etc  
were used.  And if you or Dennis need any more hardware, I've got some  
stuff I could send (that E3000 centerplane still working for you,  
Dennis?).  In particular, I've got some JNI fibre-channel HBA's, both  
SBUS and PCI, as well as some Raptor framebuffers.

Don't know if those are even useful.  But seeing Blade 1000 out there  
reminds me of fibre channel; how's FC support these days for E3500 as  
well as Blade 1000?  For that matter, I've got an EMC Clariion CX700  
here I really would like to use for storage for Sun hardware; what  
about switched FC instead of FC-AL?

Part of why I kindof dropped out of doing much with Linux on SPARC was  
the state of the QLogic ESP diffSCSI SBUS drivers, since our E6500  
needs that to boot from the D1000 shelf.

I know, I have 'strange' hardware..... :-)

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