Re: Default Fedora installation suffers from egregious configuration flaw

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> Or simply have a page asking the user whether or not to enable ssh? I
> can't recall off the top of my head, but I believe there is a screen
> where you ask if you want the firewall enabled, right? Why not have a
> very obvious checkbox: "[ ] Enable ssh at boot" and if the user checks
> it off, set the firewall to allow ssh and turn ssh on. If the user does
> _not_ check it off (aka they are sitting back and saying "what is this
> ssh thing they speak of?") then have the firewall block port 22 and
> chkconfig ssh off.

Isn't that only part of the solution?  Why would we ever need to have PermitRootLogin to true?  My memory is a little rusty but I'm pretty sure the install forces the creation of a user account. 

I've never done a headless install so I know nothing about how that works.  However, we shouldn't let a minority of installations compromise the security of the majority.  As someone has already pointed out, can't they have a different spin to allow whatever they might need?

Are there any other services that are listening by default and allowed through the firewall?  I believe there should be none of either.  However, I have been called paranoid in the past.  :)

Will Y>
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