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Hello Tomas,

Tomas Hoger wrote:
> Your backported patches seem to do the same thing as the upstream
> commit.  Look good to me and seem to fix the issue in both F-10 and
> EL-4 version I quick-tested.

Great, thanks for checking and testing them.

>> A simple way to test this against a git server, taken from the
>> initial patch in the git list thread above:
>> $ perl -e '
>>     $s="git-upload-pack git\0user=me\0host=localhost\0";
>>     printf "%4.4x%s",4+length $s,$s
>> ' | nc $GITHOST 9418
> Or | git-daemon --inetd --base-path=`pwd` --export-all as suggested
> in the upstream mailing list thread.

Yeah.  My reason for using netcat was to show how the git-daemon
processes built up and consumed CPU. :)

> I'm not sure any distro already worked on backports, the issue does
> not seem to be fixed in any released git version yet.

Correct.  I don't when a is slated.  Usually git doesn't go
too long between releases, but Junio said he's been busier than normal
in the last "What's cooking in git.git" note to the git list.

> Feel free to file in BZ, also for Bodhi update request reference.

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