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At OLPC, we are looking at controlling a variety of devices: lego nxt,
lego wedo, gogo boards, arduino boards, scratch boards. These normally
connect via USB and are accessible via a devnode. Some of them can be
controlled by more than one software package.

For starters, you need a udev rule assigning the devnode to a group.
In these modern desktop times, you also want a PolicyKit "ACL" rule so
that the "user currently logged in at the current console" can control
the robot, without further complications.

So for example, the lego NXT robots can be controlled by nbc, or by
nxt_python. Currently nxt_python packs a udev rule, but this is bound
to complicates interaction with nbc if nbc packs the same.

This could be split to a single-robot-type package with a single udev
(and I hope PK) rule. However, I think the best solution is to have a
"robot-control" package that creates a group ("robot-control"?) and
udev and PK rules that match all the supported robot models.


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