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fedora_requires_release_note granted: [Bug 508987] [Patch suggest] The Fedora machine dont join in Active Directory using ADS method.

Product: Fedora
Version: 11
Component: authconfig

Renato Krause <renatokrause@xxxxxxxxx> has granted 
Bug 508987: [Patch suggest] The Fedora machine dont join in Active Directory
using ADS method.

------- Additional Comments from Renato Krause <renatokrause@xxxxxxxxx>
Description of problem:
The entire procedure described below was reproduced in the same way performed
in CentOS 5.3, which has the same utility: authconfig. CentOS in this whole
procedure is successful in its objective. All fields were filled exactly the
same but the machine was not joined the domain. Running the
"system-config-authentication" from the terminal and noticed it was generating
an error output as referencing the need to inform the method between the "net"
and "join". Thus I wrote the attach solution for this issue. Please, contact me
for any doubts.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Run "system-config-authentication" as root
2. Check "Enable Winbind support"
3. Click "Configure Winbind"
4. Fill all fields 
5. Click "Join Domain"
6. Save
7. Fill the user and pass fields
8. Click "ok"
Actual results:
Not happens.

Expected results:
The Fedora machine join in Active Directory domain.

Additional info:
The name of actions, fields and buttons may be different because I'm running
the Brazilian Portuguese version of Fedora 11.

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