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[Bug 452544] HDD requirements very deprecated

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Summary: HDD requirements very deprecated


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------- Additional Comments From kwade@xxxxxxxxxx  2008-06-23 18:02 EST -------
What you are saying is, there is not enough space on 30 GiB disk to install
_every_single_Fedora_package in the Fedora 9 repo?  I want to confirm that is
what you mean (status of bug set to NEEDINFO.)


I'm actually not surprised about this.  The above repo has 9897 packages in it,
at this moment.  That content was originally written and updated to reflect a
specific package set, in this case, the DVD spin done by Fedora's release
engineering team.  It is in fact possible that 9 GiB is incorrect for that DVD
installation, but not by the amount you are suggesting.

What we won't ever do is try to accurately count for the size of every single
package that could be installed at any given time.  With dozens of new packages
added each week, that is chasing a storm.  It is the responsibility of a
specific spin to post information about their full install as well, but since no
one is making a spin bigger than a single DVD (currently), 9 GiB probably works
for them.

It does make sense to note in the documentation more carefully that this number
is related specifically to the largest spin of Fedora put out by the Fedora
Project, which is the Fedora 9 DVD.

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