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[Bug 442642] Hebrew release-notes are left-justified

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Summary: Hebrew release-notes are left-justified


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------- Additional Comments From kwade@xxxxxxxxxx  2008-04-15 20:47 EST -------
Thanks for your report.  I wasn't clear if it were sufficient to just
right-justify the text as printed.  My understanding is that the text is read
right to left.  Do the words/characters appear in the correct order but with the
incorrect left-justification?

I am putting up a build here, should be live within the hour:


We have some ideas on a more permanent fix, but that won't appear until after
Fedora 9 is released; the better fixes might appear in a package update, for

Some questions then:

* Text that appears in a block representing what you seen on the screen of a
terminal (marked <screen> in the XML), should that be LTR or RTL?
  - The CSS fix makes those RTL

* Anything else that would remain LTR?  With or without characters reversed?

Thanks. :)

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