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[Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Docs/Beats/OverView" by PaulFrields

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   * [http://www.packagekit.org/ PackageKit], a new set of graphical and console tools for cross-distribution software management, is installed by default in this release of Fedora.  The PackageKit graphical updater is also installed by default, instead of '''Pup'''.  Behind Package``Kit, the performance of `yum` has been significantly improved.  '''Pup''' and '''Pirut''' are still available in the software repositories for users that prefer them.
-  * Live installations are faster and require a smaller root filesystem.  The file system layout has also changed somewhat.  System files for the Live images are now under `LiveOS/`, and a new `README` file has been provided as a short introduction to the live image.
   * [https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/transifex/ Transifex] provides a web-based translation interface to allow users to contribute translation work for Fedora hosted projects as well as being able to provide translations to upstream directly to any upstream project.
   * Integration of unique build IDs into Fedora's software building infrastructure now provides enhanced debugging capabilities and core dumps.

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