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[Fedora Project Wiki] Update of "Docs/Beats/Desktop" by KarstenWade

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  This section details changes that affect Fedora graphical desktop users.
+ #xdg-user-dirs
+ #the new user-directory feature we've added
+ #in test3. Essentially its a set of localized default directories for
+ #common use (like documents, music, pictures, and downloads). These
+ #directories appear by default as bookmarks in the gtk file selector, and
+ #some applications can them as an app-specific default starting location
+ #in the file selector, or as default for e.g. the download directory
+ #setting. Users can also configure these directories as they like, either
+ #by just renaming or moving the directories in nautilus, or manually by
+ #editing ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs.
- = Software Management =
+ === Software Management ===
  The performance for the `yum` software management utility has been greatly improved in Fedora 7.  The repository metadata parser has now been implemented in C.  A new mirror management infrastructure also ensures better mirror selection and, in most cases, faster performance.  The '''Pirut''' package management tool and the '''Pup''' software update utility are based on `yum`, so their performance is likewise improved.

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