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Hi all,

Although using the latest version of R from updates-testing:
I could however recompile successfully R-zoo (arch specific) and
R-widgetTools (noarch) from their latest git version without errors. I
think this is worth noting.

Good day,
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On 11.01.2012 14:16, Berwin A Turlach wrote:
G'day all,

I found the following snippet in the NEWS file for R 2.14.1:

     • R CMD INSTALL will now do a test load for all sub-architectures
       for which code was compiled (rather than just the primary

This seems to have the following (unintended?) consequence:

Most of my machines are running some version of 64-bit Ubuntu and I do
not necessarily have all 32-bit libraries installed on these.  In
particular, the 32-bit TCL/Tk libraries are frequently missing.  Thus,
on such a machine the 32-bit sub-architecture of R does not have the
capability to use TCL/tk and the tcltk package is only installed for the
primary sub-architecture (64-bit).

Until now, I could always install the Rcmdr package on these machine.
However, this is no longer possible in 2.14.1.  Now attempts to install
Rcmdr on such a machine ends with:

     ** testing if installed package can be loaded
     *** arch - 32
     Error : package 'tcltk' is not installed for 'arch=32'
     Error: loading failed
     Execution halted
     *** arch - 64
     ERROR: loading failed for '32'
     * removing '/home/opt/R/R-2.14.1/lib64/R/library/Rcmdr'

Is there a way of installing Rcmdr only for the 64-bit primary
sub-architecture?  Or do I really have to install the 32-bit versions
of the TCL/Tk libraries and then reinstall R from scratch?

Have you read

R CMD INSTALL --help ?

there is, among other, the line:
     --no-multiarch    build only the main architecture

or if you want to build and don't care about loading:
     --no-test-load    skip test of loading installed package

Uwe Ligges



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R-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list

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