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Pierre-Yves <pingou@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes on R-devel:

> One of them is R2spec [1], which I have worked on. I would also
> point you to a 'fork' of R2spec [2] which aims at building RPM more
> than spec (reason why they did not merge).  R2spec aims a helping to
> generate spec files as close as possible to the final one for
> inclusion in official Fedora/EPEL repositories.  Allen S. Rout have
> made a nice job converting R2spec to generate RPM directly, solving
> some of the circular dependences issues.

I appreciate your kind mention of my effort, Pierre-Yves.  Thank you!

I am dissapointed that you don't see a merge in the future.  I would
like to change that if I can.  What would you like me to change?

It is my hope that the R2spec code will make it possible, eventually,
to build and maintain _all_ the CRAN packages as RPMs, without the
extensive by-hand treatment they now get.  I understand that, if this
is to happen, more folks than just me need to be happy with the
code. :)  

- Allen S. Rout

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