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Sorry, those messages were supposed to have come out periodically over
the last week or two.

I've got the next version ready, tested as I had alluded to in my previous.

So, here's what I did to get more or less useful results out of it:

After installing, I made a temp directory, /var/tmp/Rstuff.

There, I ran (as root): 

# clear; R2spec  -n "Allen S. Rout" -e "asr@xxxxxxx"  -c   --force  --suggests  --verbose  --package  ggplot2

This downloaded the CRAN-like lists of packages, downloaded source
tarballs, and built (and copied) the specfiles and source.  

It also generated a few dot files, including the broad and narrow
dependency graphs for the requested package.

It also generates a shell file: ''.  This is intended to
make all the RPMs you need for the broad graph. 

I haven't decided what the sane options are in terms of 'pwd'
throughout all this process.  At the moment, the next step is:

# cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
# sh /var/tmp/Rstuff/

This will build and install all of the RPMs in the broad graph. ... If
the individual builds work.

This script uses a tempdir extensively, again I'm not sure what the
Right Way is to do this, I haven't thought about it too much yet.
It's statically defined at the beginning of the script to be


that's obviously inappropriate for release, but will do for the

The script drops a build log and an install log for every package

Right now, for me to get the sysdeps to build and install all (most)
of ggplot2's broad depgraph, I must:

yum install openmpi openmpi-devel openmpi-libs unixODBC-devel pvm tcl tcl-devel perl-DateManip  perl-Date-Calc perl-version

and then install from EPEL:


and then install from the graphviz people: 


With these things done, I still fail to build (and haven't
investigated much yet):

tcltk2:  Fails to install: need tclsh8.3, not 8.4 ? 

multcomp: requires Survival >= 2.35.7 ? ...

flexmix: dep on multcomp

R-RandomFields, R-MCMCpack: uncaught debug files in the build tree.

MPI, sprng

As threatened, my next step will be a similar shell script to R CMD
CHECK all the packages, and populate yet another family of logfiles.
Once that is complete, I will re-announce and go back to try to figure
out why individual packages fail.

- Allen S. Rout

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