Re: collaborating on ggplot2 ?

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Jack Tanner wrote:
I'd like to get the ggplot2 library package-able. I cannot sign up as a maintainer, but I can work on spec files. ggplot2 has a whole bunch of dependencies: [...]

Would anyone be interested in taking this on with me and writing spec files for some of the ggplot2 prereqs?

I'd also like to get ggplot2 into Fedora. I'm in a similar situation to you, however, in that my free time is scarce. (Ever since joining the world of startups, my Fedora-hacking time has gone to near zero.) Still, if we can chip away at this task, we'll eventually get it done. :-)

Let's divide up the prerequisites and package 'em. I'd like to claim plyr because I have a need for that package on its own.

Anybody else want to pile on ggplot2?


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