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On Tue, 2009-04-07 at 12:09 +0200, Martyn Plummer wrote:
> > I see two points, either we help the user by setting the R_HOME ourself
> > directly within R and rjava works directly or we do not and let set
> > R_HOME which he will do anyway to make rjava working...
> How does it help the user to set R_HOME? 
By user I meant anyone who is willing to use rJava in any of its
capacity (including the JRI interface).
That mean: people that develop application using rJava or people that
use that application.

> The rJava package does two things:
> 1) It allows the R user to call java functions from within R.
> 2) It allows applications written in java to start an instance of the R
> engine and pass data and commands back and forth.
> It is the second use (the JRI interface) that concerns us.  There are
> three parties in this situation:
> 1) R
> 2) The user
> 3) A third party java application.
> The responsibility for setting R_HOME lies firmly with the third-party
> application, which should launch from within its own shell, within which
> R_HOME is set to the appropriate value.  This value should be determined
> when the application is configured.  
Yes but since JRI does not do it automatically, the developer and thus
the user have to set a R_HOME by hand.
The proof is that this run scrip starts by setting R_HOME...

> The user should never have to set
> it.
I totally agree.
I would even say that the JRI interface should be able to determine what
is R_HOME directly by asking R.
> > Is there not a way for the testing suite of the development version to
> > test if R_HOME is already set ?
> Setting R_HOME in the environment before launching R is the wrong
> thing to do. 
Just out of curiosity, why ? R_HOME should be coherent between the
environment and R itself, through a warning if they are different makes
sense (IMHO), but if they are the same what is the problem ?



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