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Dear all,

Remi Collet has done a great job the past days to make these pages:

I think you will be interested specially in this one:

However, helping him to set up the parsers, we have been facing some problem with some package.
For example:
As you can see here:
The version have a '-', this leads to a "outdated" mark of the package in this page .

The question is then, what should we do ?
There is nothing on the guideline that mention what we should do about the library that have a '-' on their version name (second exemple: R-pls ).

We also faced the problem that at least one library is present in both CRAN and bioconductor repository (R-qvalue ). But the version are pretty clear, we kept only the Bioconductor.

So I think, when we have a library in CRAN and Bioconductor, we should only keep the Bioconductor version.

For the version with a '-', we skipped everything that was after the '-' until now, should we continue ?

Thanks for your comments,


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