Fedora QA Meeting - 1500UTC, Wed. Jun 12

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I've been late in sending out an announcement about this week's meeting
because I've got some housekeeping-style stuff to do this week. So -
sorry for the late notice, but we'll still have the meeting, as planned.

Last week we decided to have the meeting at 1500UTC (10am EDT)
Wednesday. If that's a good time we'll have the meeting then from now

Some stuff to discuss:

/topic New bugzilla entry page mockup

/topic Bugzilla XMLRPC info
The RH bugzilla team is writing docs for the current API, and we should
be moving to Bugzilla 3.0 (and the upstream API) "later this year" -
possibly by F8 release time.

/topic Bodhi improvements
What improvements are needed to make sure we can all test updates in
bodhi and make sure the packagers / rel-eng team get appropriate

/topic rawhide docs
Luis Villa mentioned that there's not a lot of documentation about
rawhide - what is it? why use it? where do you get it? How is it
different from "development"?

There's a lot of confusion here, and some docs would be very much

/topic open discussion

And that's all I can think of offhand. I should have some other
interesting stuff to report to the list soon. Stick around..


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