Fedora QA Meeting this Thursday - 1600UTC (?)

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Hello QA team!

As usual, I'd like to have a weekly QA team meeting. With Fedora 7
finally going out the door we will need to make plans for how we're
going to test updates for F7, how we'll use Bugzilla, and what new
things we want to work on for F8. 

Our normal meeting time is 1600UTC (noon EDT). I know this isn't good
for some of you - does anyone want to suggest a better time? I'll be
happy to move the meeting if it suits more people.

Here's the initial agenda:

- bodhi and updates-testing
  - How we'll use bodhi to test proposed updates for F7
  - What testing is required before a package is OK to release?
- Bugzilla in the post-merge world
- New stuff for F8 - what should we focus on?
  Some proposed ideas:
  - Apport: a system-wide bug-buddy program
  - Redesigned bugzilla web interface
  - buggbot improvements
  - Automated installer testing with SNAKE
  - Stable system lab
    6 stable machines (FC6/F7 * i386/x86_64/ppc)
    Could be used for testing updates on all arches
  - Automating parts of update testing
  - Automating package testing (Beaker/RHTS)
  - [your ideas here!]
- Open discussion (if time allows)

Let me know if you've got suggestions or questions about the agenda.
I'll put this up on the wiki in a bit.



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