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Hi folks,

We're trying to do weekly LiveCD spins of Rawhide, so you can test
rawhide (well.. most of it) without having to sacrifice a machine to it.

If you've got a blank CD and some extra time, please give this a shot -
it's a really good way to test on a lot of hardware (try it in your
friend's laptop, your parents computer.. whatever you can get your hands

As always, bug reports against this thing should be filed against Fedora
Core / devel. 



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Subject: Fedora Development (2007-04-11) Live i386 image available
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 17:42:39 -0400

I've put up a copy of a live CD image based on the current Fedora
Development tree as of today for those that are interested in some
pre-test4 testing.

For package bugs, please file them against the specific package.  For
more general bugs with the LiveCD, you can file them against the LiveCD
component for Fedora Core, version devel.

I was hoping to get a KDE image up today as well, but ran out of time so
will probably do that tomorrow.  I'm hoping to start making these
available on a more regular basis (weekly at first) but no promises
right now on when the next will be :)


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