Re: Re: "cfg" role in /etc? : update to 1.7.2

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Remi Collet wrote:

Version 1.31 set www_dir to /usr/share/pear/www

Well, it didn't, it didn't set it to anything, it's just that the first time you used PEAR it "guessed" [prefix]/www as www_dir

Version 1.32 set www_dir to /usr/share/pear/htdocs

I think this was the "intended" default upstream...

What must be this ? Should it be under /var/www ?

For Fedora it should be whatever we are using for webapps generally. I had a quick look on the wiki and couldn't see if we had a standard. phpMyAdmin and Squirrelmail use /usr/share/[pkgname]/[something] which doesn't really fit!

I think the only sensible default is probably /var/www/html

(we probably need a new option to set this value)

I've implemented that in the latest version upstream.


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