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Joe Orton wrote:

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 08:33:13PM +0000, Tim Jackson wrote:

Anyway, as it stands in rawhide, cfg_dir defaults to /usr/share/pear/cfg but I think it really should be /etc/pear . (Then you would get config files installed like so: /etc/pear/Some_Package/foo.ini)

Seems reasonable, though /etc/pearkeys is used too, so maybe it would be better to do:

   cfg_dir => /etc/pear/conf
   sig_keydir => /etc/pear/keys

What do you think?

I agree 100% that that would be cleaner. However, that would also be backwards-incompatible... :/ I suggest that if we do it, we do it for F10.

In the meantime I have built a 1.7.1-2 in rawhide which sets cfg_dir to /etc/pear. It also adds the missing pear_cfgdir and pear_wwwdir macros that should have been set in the 1.7.0 package.


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