[Bug 691913] ocaml-camlp5 pretty printer bug

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--- Comment #6 from Jerry James <loganjerry@xxxxxxxxx> 2011-10-27 17:13:51 EDT ---
I'd like to update ocaml-camlp5 for F16 too, unless you object.  Since I'm not
a maintainer of this package, I'll need you to do a build override for me so I
can rebuild coq.  (There are 2 ocaml-camlp5 symbols that coq depends on whose
hashes are different in this new version.)  I can ask you for the override here
or in email, your choice.  If email, then we might as well close this bug,

I'm building the ocaml-camlp5 -> coq chain in Rawhide right now.  If all goes
well with that, I'll build ocaml-camlp5 for F16 afterwards and then contact

Also, I believe that coq is the only package that requires a rebuild due to
this update.  At least, I had repoquery check everything ocaml-camlp5 provides,
and coq was the only dependency I turned up.

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