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Dear Editors:

Here are few things:

1) Need update the following wiki page:

2) Just out of curiosity: Beat Writers Opportunity means what for the following Beats though some of them have contributor writer:

FWN/Beats/Developments Beat writer opportunity
FWN/Beats/AdvisoryBoard Beat writer opportunity
FWN/Beats/Documentation Beat writer opportunity
FWN/Beats/Infrastructure Beat writer opportunity
FWN/Beats/Comics        Beat writer opportunity
FWN/Beats/DailyPackage Beat writer opportunity
FWN/Beats/SecurityWeek Beat writer opportunity
FWN/Beats/OLPC                Beat writer opportunity
FWN/Beats/AskFedora        Beat writer opportunity

3) On wiki page content 1.3 mentioned:


If you are interested in contributing to Fedora Weekly News see the Join page.

  1. Read the information sources for your beat. Usually, this will be a team's mailing list archives and meeting logs.
  2. Decide what are the 1-5 important things that have happened in your beat's area of focus during the past week that everyone in the Fedora community should know.
  3. Write up a summary of those important things in (look at the table above for a list of current beats). Looking at the pages for other beats should give you an idea of formatting, writing style, length, and how to link in references.
  4. Edit the table in so that the entry for the section you just wrote reads "COMPLETE" instead of "incomplete."
  5. Email the fedora-news-list ( and let us all know you're done.
If you have any questions, ask on the fedora-news-list.

>> I doubt about the the point 5. It needs some care to modify the landing page of the news

Please take necessary steps if there need any update.

Thanking you,

Rashadul Islam
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