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On Mi September 5 2007, Alex Lancaster wrote:

> A couple of questions: 1) what's the difference between the
> bodhi-create-update and bodhi-prepare-update targets?  

With bodhi-prepare-update you can edit the notification template without 
sending it to bodhi, e.g. whil the build is running. bodhi-create-update will 
then use the template to send it to bodhi, unless you touched you spec file, 
then you have to create the notification again, but there is a backup in 

> 2) is can use 
> bodhi-create-update smart enough to run the "make build" target
> *first* (and making sure they are succesful) before creating the
> update?  That way you could do your builds and pushes in one step, and
> would almost get you back to the convenience of plague builds from the
> FC-6 and earlier era... ;)

You can first run "make bodhi-prepare-update" and then "make build 
bodhi-create-update". In case the build fails, either koji returns with a 
return value != 0 (I don't know, whether this is the case) and make should 
output an error and abort or bodhi does not know the update and nothing 
should happen. But after you touched the .spec file the update notification 
will be overwritten, I do not know yet, how this can be improved. I did not 
test this, but imho it should work.


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