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On So September 2 2007, Hans de Goede wrote:

> As a contributer with lots of packages (the counter has hit 150 now) I
> quite regulary push updates and I must say bodhi's current usuability is
> barely acceptable. What ever happened to the promised "make
> updates[-testing]"?

I wrote today an addon makefile[1] for the Fedora Makefile.common. You can use 
it with adding

FAS_USERNAME=<your FAS username>
-include /path/to/Makefile.common-addons.gmk

to ~/.cvspkgsrc
There is some documentation included.

It provides this new targets:

 bodhi-login                    Login to bodhi / get a session cookie
 bodhi-create-update            Create a new update in Bodhi
 bodhi-prepare-update           Prepare a new update notification
 commit                         Commit changes to cvs with entries from spec 
 cvsurl-head                    Show head cvsurl
 help-addons                    Shows the normal and the addon help text
 koji-logs-url                  Show URL to koji buildlogs
 koji-logs                      Download koji buildlogs
 koji-unreleased-builds         Shows which builds of yours need to be 
 scratch-build                  Creates a scratch build for all archs
 scratch-build-<archs>          Creates a scratch build for selected arches 
(comma separated)
 scratch-head-build             Creates a scratch build for all archs from cvs 
 scratch-head-build-<archs>     Creates a scratch build for selected arches 
(comma separated) from cvs HEAD

I plan to extend it with bodhi-push-update[-testing] targets, but not today. I 
tested it as much as I could, but there may be still something broken, so 
only use it at you own risk. But if you dare, please report back, whether 
this is useful for you.



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