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On Sunday 02 September 2007 16:40:42 Mike McGrath wrote:

> I'm literally asking people for help.  I'm saying we don't have enough
> man power to make the tools work the way you want to.  And you're saying
> you "dislike it"?   How do you think the we feel about it?

> Keep in mind that very few people with the address actually
> get paid full time to work on Fedora.  Many of them do it just like you
> do in their spare time.
> Please help!  I'm on my knees begging anyone with python experience.
> Help us volunteers help us!  You're our only hope!

What can one really do? I submitted a patch[1] for a big annoyance in Koji: 
build logs are not easily accessible. The patch is now 3 months old and got 
applied recently to the internal repository but it is still not in the 
deployed Koji. This is very depressing, especially because I needed access to 
build logs a dozend times since then. This not only affects koji, but also 
bodhi where I provided several simple patches that are still not available in 
the deployed version. Same for Makefile.common, where there was only little 
Feedback. Also the documentation in and about koji and bodhi is not very 
good, which makes providing patches even harder.

So it seems the only way to really change something here is to get commit 
access to the projects and access to the deployment servers, but this is imho 
a pretty high barrier.



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