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On Saturday 01 September 2007 09:30:17 Enrico Scholz wrote:
> Luke Macken <lmacken@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Hrm?  Bodhi should be able to work fine without javascript.  It only
> > uses it for some shiny stuffy, such as the auto-completion list, and
> > some menus.  The *icon* to the right of the package name is not a
> > button, it's a spinner that becomes active when it is building the
> > list of builds after typing in the name of a package.  If you don't
> > have javascript enabled, then simply type the full name of the build
> > in the package field.
> ??? What have I to enter in the "Package" field? The name of the package
> (rpm -qf '%{NAME}') or the name of the build (full NEVR)?

  Full nevr.

> Named auto-completion does not seem to work (javascript is enabled).
> E.g. 't<TAB>' moves to "Release:" field, but does not do anything with
> the spinner or fills.

  I only see results when I have most of the name completed.

> Enrico

José Abílio

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