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On Sun, 19 Aug 2007 06:22:14 -0400, Luke Macken wrote:

> > Enrico has had trouble before inside Bodhi, the updates system, with
> > other packages. It wouldn't surprise me if he's unhappy with the extra
> > burden and waits for a convenient "make release" or similar.
> He hasn't reported any problems upstream, nor has he made the effort to
> comment on any of his updates regarding said issues.  Many people have
> given feedback on his updates, and he receives an email for each one.
> If he is unhappy with the burden of being a maintainer, we need to
> figure out why so we can address it properly, and possibly find a
> co-maintainer willing to utilize our existing tools while we resolve the
> problem.

Let me suggest the following: somebody from FESCo talks to Enrico and
other packagers, whose F7 updates are missing for a long time
according to the "EVR problems" report, to find out whether there are
any problems with the work-flow and hurdles. It belongs to the "make
sure we don't suck" area of activity. Missing updates, missing security
updates, upgrade problems and unresolved dependency problems make Fedora
look bad.

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