Re: ocaml on 'non-intel-arch' (WAS: Re: Make ppc64 secondary arch - don't block builds)

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Once upon a time Tuesday 07 August 2007, Oliver Falk wrote:
> Hi David!
> On 08/07/2007 09:26 AM, David Woodhouse wrote:
> > I think that's perhaps a little harsh in some cases. Take the blocker
> > in Ralf's case, for example -- ocaml. I wouldn't necessarily expect a
> > package maintainer to be willing and able to port its code generation
> > back end to any new architecture which we happen to add to Fedora;
> > that really is the job of the 'arch team'.
> [ ... ]
> I also see problems compiling ocaml on Alpha - maybe you can tell me
> your progress on that?
I have ocmal built on sparc.  I will do some run time tests and see if it 
actually works.  im thinking it will since ppc works.  It is not built 
sparc64 yet.


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