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On Thu, Mar 08, 2012 at 05:08:04PM +0100, Giovanni Venturi wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to sell my e-book done in ePub format, so this means I will
> distribuite the font into the e-book it self. You can simple unzip
> an ePub file and recoved text, cover image and fonts, so, in this
> case, Liberation Serif fonts.
> I read the license here:
> but I didn't understand exactly If I can use the Liberation fonts
> into the ePub file and I can sell my ePub e-book. If I need a
> special request to Red Hat or not. I wrote them and they told me to
> ask here so I did.
> Is enough to specify in the copyright e-book page that I used
> Liberation fonts freely donwloadable from
> or it's not needed
> because information are into the file itself?

Red Hat is not necessarily the sole licensor of Liberation serif fonts
in their current form, and I can only speak for Red Hat here, but from
Red Hat's perspective:

(a) you can use the Liberation fonts in an ePub file,

(b) you can sell the resulting ePub e-book under whatever terms you
want, except that the Liberation Fonts themselves remain licensed
under the Liberation Fonts license, and

(c) we consider it unnecessary under the Liberation Fonts license to
specify any information in the e-book copyright page.

 - Richard Fontana
   Red Hat, Inc.

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