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Here were the questions from the French NPO we discussed at SXSW.  I
thought that I had sent them over to you earlier, but here they are



First of all thanks for clearing this up, at least this way we won't
waste time trying to find a new name which would anyway not get

Could you please check with them if we could use an acronym without
specifying what it means ?
We were thinking on ideas like:
The idea would be to name the NPO "A²F²" (for example) and specify only
what it means in the objective of the NPO.

Second question, on french law, a NPO needs to have a "mission" (goal,
objective). You were saying last week-end that we should be able to keep
the word "Fedora" in these goals. Could you please check/confirm it ?
Our current goals for the NPO are (roughly translated):
       "The NPO has for goal to defend, promote and help the development of
the GNU/Linux distribution FEDORA through the FEDORA project and more
globaly all FOSS which could be associated with it"

Needless to say that removing the word "Fedora" from these goals is
going to make the NPO loss a lot of its "raison d'être" (rational).

Finally, it seems that we never received the paper copy of the trademark
agreement with Red Hat's signature on it. Could you check this out ?
(I added Paul on cc for this question)

Thanks in advance for your help,
Best regards,

* plus A2F2 reminds me a little of H2G2 :)
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