Re: end of Fedora Legacy mirror at Iowa State

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On Monday 11 June 2007 16:28, Dave Edsall - JETSETer wrote:
>    Max Spevack announced last month that Fedora Core 5's end of life would
> be June 29th. That gives us a good milestone for removing our Fedora Legacy
> mirror. Traffic was high for two months after the announcement of Fedora
> Legacy's demise but has dwindled since April. So, beginning July 1, 2007,
> Iowa State will no longer offer a mirror of Fedora Legacy. Grab what you
> would like between now and then.

>    Many thanks to everyone who worked on that project!
>       Dave

Hi Dave. Thanks for the upfront notification. I've been using Fedora Legacy 
since FC1, and it's sad to see that it's thrown in the towel.

I'm still using FC2 from day to day on one machine, and think that it's one of 
the better Fedora releases, though no longer supported. Can you give me a URL 
for the mirror, preferably for apt, but yum will do.

I'll try and download as many of the FC2 packages that I can, depending on 
harddrive space.

Thanks again for letting us know in advance that the server is going down 
soon. That has to be better than a Debian multimedia repo, that when Etch 
went stable, just trashed all the packages on the Sarge repo, with no upfront 
notification at all.

All the best.


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