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David Eisenstein wrote:

In addition to what someone else said about the planetmirror mirror in
another message, I had heard that the fermilab ftp mirror (of Batavia,
Illinois, USA) has no intention to go down any time soon.  The contact
there, Troy Dawson, kindly informed Jesse Keating that fnal's mirror
has always been a full mirror of the legacy repository, and pains were
taken to make sure it would remain there without losing any data or
packages when the main repo went down.

Fermilab mirror:

A mirror I have used in the past at Iowa State University (Ames, Iowa,
USA) appears to still be up, but I have no idea what plans, if any, they
have for keeping it around:

More information about Iowa State's mirror, including contact
information, appears to be on the web here:

Thanks for the information, David.

Nils Breunese.

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