Re: where? security updates for FC4

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Florin Andrei wrote:
Of course, one can always download the upstream tarballs and generate packages, but somehow I suspect this to be the most difficult method.

What I've done in cases like this is to take the latest SRPM for the target distribution and the current upstream tarball. Then I install the SRPM instead of rebuilding it, change the version number in the .spec file, and try to build it.

This is most likely to work with minor version changes -- 1.2.3 to 1.2.5, for instance.

1. Grab package.lastversion.fc4.src.rpm
2. Grab package.newversion.tar.gz
3. rpm -i package.lastversion.fc4.src.rpm
4. cp package.newversion.tar.gz /path/to/rpm/SOURCES
5. Edit /path/to/rpm/SPECS/package.spec
6. rpmbuild -ba /path/to/rpm/SPECS/package.spec
7. Tweak stuff (like patches that won't apply), go back to step 5 until you get an RPM or give up.

Kelson Vibber
SpeedGate Communications <>

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