Re: RHEL3: Problem going from RH 2.4.20 to Linus 2.4.33

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On 11/15/06, David Douthitt <ssrat@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I compiled a version of Linus' kernel 2.4.33 for CentOS 3 (RHEL 3) and
found that several programs started failing with core dumps or lockups.

You can not use 2.4.33 on Centos 3 or RHL 9 systems. The base kernel
for RHL-9 and RHEL-3/Centos-3 have several incompatible sections
backported from the 2.5.xx kernel series to give features that were
wanted but not in the 2.4 kernel. Thus you can not have the most
current 2.4.xx kernel. If you are wanting to do that you will be
wanting a different OS than any of the 'Enterprise' systems.

It seems to center on two different things: the clone() call, and some
kind of file locking call that isn't supported ("fuserlock"?)

The clone() call resulted in core dumps; the other resulted in
programs receiving an unexpected "not implemented" result and entering
an endless loop waiting for a positive result.

Any tips?  I'd like to keep the kernel current....

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