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David Douthitt wrote:

I compiled a version of Linus' kernel 2.4.33 for CentOS 3 (RHEL 3) and found that several programs started failing with core dumps or lockups.

It seems to center on two different things: the clone() call, and some kind of file locking call that isn't supported ("fuserlock"?)

The clone() call resulted in core dumps; the other resulted in programs receiving an unexpected "not implemented" result and entering an endless loop waiting for a positive result.

Any tips?  I'd like to keep the kernel current....

CentOS 3 is still maintained, so why not just use yum to get the latest CentOS 3 kernel? Or do you specifically need features from the latest 2.4 kernel version?

And most importantly: why are you posting this to the Fedora Legacy list? CentOS has forums, mailinglists, etc.

Nils Breunese.

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