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Quoting Tim Thome <tthome@xxxxxxx>:

For the packagers... how to package for a release. I maintain my own
boxen, so when a security issue pops up, I download source or make the
fix locally. How to build a package and release it into testing remains
somewhat of a mystery... I'd be happy to do so, if it were documented

Yeah, it is a bit of a mystery.  Right now, AFAIK, for those "outside"
the system, all you can do is post a link to your SRPM for those inside
the system to grab and utilize...  Posting such a link to the mailing list
or to the relevent bugzilla entry would be the way to do that.  Preferably
to the bugzilla of course, but if that is too great a challange the mailing
list is a backup method that is less challanging.

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

Go Longhorns!

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