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On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 08:21:26AM -0600, Rex Dieter wrote:
> OK, I'll bite.  What do you want exactly from the Board?  
> Wave our magic Fedora wand to produce more (active) community contributors? 
> OK, lemme see, now where did I leave that darn thing...

I see 2 things that could help:

* use the fedora extras build system and procedures. I find legacy procedures
  very complicated. The legacy procedures have merit, there are more
  verifications, but maybe such procedures should be used in the future
  when there is a community.

* open fedora core to the community. That way people from the community 
  interested in a package could help maintaining it in core and it would 
  help a lot when it transitions to legacy. Currently core is closed to
  the community and core maintainers often don't collaborate with the
  community for packaging issues. 

  In the current situation somebody interested in a package in legacy have 
  to learn everything about that package, knowing that he has no control 
  on the package in current and devel release. Co-maintainership in core 
  with community members would help a lot having somebody still taking care 
  of the package in legacy.

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