Re: Fedora-legacy open bugs; following them &c

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On Sat, Oct 21, 2006 at 04:29:15AM -0500, David Eisenstein wrote:
>    * Other bugs needing some attention:
>       - openssh (bug 208727).  Originally opened to deal with FC3, FC4, RHL 7.3
>         & RHL 9 releases.

A comment #2, put there by David Eisenstein, :-) in bug 208727 mentions
Lifting fixes from RHEL packages and applying to other distribution
sources does not look here like a very big deal.

In general whatever is available in "Legacy_srpms" is surely in
"worksforme" state and in an actual use.  OTOH FC4 machines around
me most likely pretty soon will be moved to FC6.


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