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Gene Heskett wrote:

I have now burnt 2 copies of the FC-6T2-live-dvd.iso, one on a +dvd and one
on a -dvd disk.

Both of these freshly written dvd's check with an identical sha1sum when
doing a 'sha1sum -b /dev/cdrom'.

But it doesn't match the sha1sum of the iso I started with!

Is this a known problem? Fixable by turning off the dma on /dev/ hdc maybe?

System is an FC2 box, with a newer kde-3.3.0, so k3b is still using md5sums
which of course fail to check too.

Actually I'm not really sure running sha1sum on the device should give the same sum as running it on the iso file. I believe the standard procedure is to run sha1sum on the iso after you've downloaded it and then check the outcome. Did you do that? Burning software should take of making sure it's properly burning the iso after that. Also, did you run the built-in media check when you start the installer and did that give you OK?

Nils Breunese.

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