Re: [FC3] glibc problem with yum

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From: "Jesse Keating" <jkeating@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>> Duplicate packages? Why so much in size different?  How to solve my
>> that an application cant find a proper glibc.

>Note that one is glibc compiled for i386, and one is glibc compiled
>specifically for i686.  They are two different packages.

>Why don't you show us what the real problem your having is?

If you can open and read the forum..

cpanel can't build apache/php/modules.
Many persons has this error.

"Your operating system's rpm update method (yum) was not able to locate the
glibc package. This is an indication of an improper setup. You must correct
this error before you can proceed.
Please correct the conflicts and try again!




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