Re: Disttags for FL (was: Upgrade path consistency among all Fedora Projects)

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On Jul 1, 2006, at 8:44 AM, Jesse Keating wrote:

At this time Fedora Legacy doesn't have an interest in introducing
the %{?dist} tag to packages that didn't already have it. This means no RHL packages. In fact, RHL is hopefully going to be phased out of Legacy support
in about 6 months.

Our current build system does not support dist tags, however when we move to the Fedora infrastructure instead of our own we will gain that ability, and we will use the same dist tag that was appropriate for said releases during
the time they were active.  FC3 .fc3, FC4 .fc4, etc...

Jesse, yes our system does support %dist tags. We could also easily use them for RHL releases, but I agree that it's not really worth it since we are planning to stop supporting those very soon.




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